Love On Tape

First single from the DONNAKATYA AND THE SUPERFEED’s debut album, “POETRY IS NOT GOOD TO EAT”.

Love On Tape finds its inspiration in Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:
a loving declaration to the memories of a serene couple, and that touch of imagination that makes them seem even more beautiful.

Artist: DonnaKatya ft. Capitano Merletti
Song: “Love On Tape”
Album: “Poetry Is Not Good To Eat”
Video Selfproduced by Katya Scarpulla
iPhone Video Shooting: Federica Altoè
Video Editing and Video Graphics: Michela Casagrande, Michele Scarpulla,
Alessandra Smiderle (Dasler comunicazione)
Special Thanks to Ester Tonon.